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The quality of food and service are great. I love the pad thai with chicken, tom kha soup with shrimp, drunken noodles with tofu and thai iced tea. I usually get chicken dumplings or crab rangoons as an appetizer. The staff are very friendly and seem to have a great hold on how to keep things moving efficiently when they are dealing with lots of carry out and pick up orders. Delicious option for thai if you live on the west side of Madison.

Kathleen Delao

Important - the place is take out only! Do not expect to sit down to eat.

The food is by far the best, most affordable Thai food Madison has to offer. Do not be sketched out by it being next to a gas station.

So far everything I have tried has been great! I would specially recommend the Pad Thai, chicken sticks, and fried rolls.


Alejandro B.

Went inside to order (completely forgetting online ordering was even available) and was given a 15-20 min wait time. I swear we didn't wait any longer than 10min. (they seemed fairly busy too, lots of orders on the counter) Food was delicious. I got the glass noodle salad and while the Lettuce did end up a bit on the warm side for me, the sauce was so delicious I enjoyed every last bite. Staff was pleasant despite how busy they seemed. Can't wait to come again!


Kitty Sushi

THIS IS THE BEST PAD SEE EW IVE HAD IN MADISON! Okay I haven't tried every Thai place IN WI yet, but I've had a lot of Thai outside of Wisconsin (New York, Texas, Oregon, Illinois...+) and Thai basil is the best so far.

They have the best bang for your buck (they give generous portions) and it's flavorful and always cooked perfectly. They wrap it in foil so it stays hot too. The only thing that would make it PERFECT was if vermicelli rice noodles were an optional substitute.

The Yellow Curry is my second favorite meal of all time. Also just perfectly flavored and satisfying. I've also had a few of their appetizers (spring rolls and vegetable rolls..) I can't stress enough how good this place is and highly recommend going here if you're craving Thai.


Elena V.

Always good! We've liked pretty much everything we've tried! Some favorites are the pot stickers, the mango curry, and the pad Thai. Big portions, and the leftovers last well, too. If you order hot, it will definitely be hot. Even the second level can be too hot for me depending on what we get it on. It seems more hot on noodle dishes than in curries. I've settled on just getting mild because the heat of the second level was in consistent and sometimes bordering on too hot.


Kathryn Hargis

After living in Chicago for over a decade I came back to Madison disappointed in what I remember as being excellent food from around the world. Then I tried Thai Basil and my tastebuds are happy once again. One of the best Thai restaurants I've been to thus far. I'll drive out of my way for this food over and over.


Amanda W.

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